Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry (First Day of) Christmas!

And happy holidays to y'all! Speaking of which, I thought it'd be a happier holiday for Jesus, but you can see how the Good Lord's party went:

I thought Jesus would have more friends coming over.

You might see some more holiday festivities up on this website as late as January 6th. I liked the British habit of celebrating the other 11 days of Christmas, instead of just stopping on December 25. So December 30th will be "the 6th day of Christmas" here on BS, instead of it just being "Sunday" like it will be everywhere else in the US.

One more holiday video: proof that supermodels shouldn't be allowed to sing. Not that she's particularly bad or anything, but the Klummeister isn't particularly good either.. And the song itself? Well, judge for yourself, and Happy Christmas, Day 1


roopa said...

Aww, poor JC! Read this.

John said...

That's hilarious - and of course the "war-on-Christmas" people would have a cow, even if JC Himself told them, "Dude, like, I don't want a party, Me-dammit! Let's just spin the galldarned dreidl and forget about it."