Thursday, October 04, 2007

Preggers? Wait on the fish (STILL)

I hate the CBS Evening News. They are airing a new story right now, echoed in the Washington Post, about a recent report saying that pregnant women should eat more than the 12 oz. of fish that the government and many scientists have warned them against before. This is according to a group called Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

What I hate about this is that I heard on National Public Radio's All Things Considered just two hours beforehand that the group that came out with this report

  1. is in the minority on this issue; and
  2. got a big grant from the National Fisheries Institute, an industry-funded group - just coincidence, I'm sure.
Does CBS mention this at all? Nope. This is why I listen to NPR and not CBS News. NPR actually bothers to investigate.


Bill Mill said...

I'd actually argue that both approaches are broken. What matters is the science, not the funding. Yes, its sources of funding are reasons for suspicion, but you should never automatically throw out the results of a study because of who funded it.

John said...

Points taken. And this is how paradigms are brought down. But I still have to say it smells (sorry I can't help it!) fishy. Although the org now says that they only used the funds for travel expenses to attend a meeting "where they came up with their new advice".

But back on the science side of it: I need to see more from them, and from that matter from the government. But I can't just dismiss the non-scientific elements. Looking at the NPR article, it's clear that the group implies that many organizations that don't support this research are, it is implied, supportive of them. Some of these organizations haven't even heard of HMHB. If I can't trust a scientist's facts about something as simple as who is in his or her factual camp, how can I trust him or her on anything else, particularly on whether or not his or her research is sound and not being practiced sloppily.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, they are all just trying to spin their latest idea to get more funding. Due to the fact funding is beyond scarce.

It is all a sales tactic and who you know. Just like the real world.

Been thru this with Ed and going thru it again.

John said...

Have to agree, sadly. I've seen politicking of a different sort with scientists in my own background, with people building whole careers around a theory! Only this question had to do with how long ago humans first set foot in the Americas - 12,000 years ago or way before that? Some vicious, smart-allecky attacks on people that didn't agree with you. It would be nice if scientists just did science, wouldn't it?

Pitt Stains said...

Fish is off my list too... but then again, so are all animal products!

Have you seen It's got an endless list of vegetarian-friendly restaurants, plus event listings and a bunch of other info. For those trying to go the healthy route with a vegetarian diet, this guide is pretty handy.

Unfortunately, they don't accept comments...

John said...

I loooove meat, I have to admit, but this is very helpful for folks that are total herbivores or just want to go meatless now and then. Thanks!