Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Red Brick Station

Dang, I spent so much money this weekend on furniture for the new place - furniture that isn't falling apart, that is. Even so I lowballed it. I went to IKEA and found a pretty inexpensive table and chairs set for $260 Lovely, black and glass, with black metal chairs with wicker seats. But even $260 is more than I want to spend.

Before that, I got good and filled up at White Marsh Town Center. Wasn't in the mood for Japanese.* Nope, not Mexican.* Or Italian. I was in the mood for burgers and my sister suggested the Red Brick Station. She and my brother-in-law just love the place. They have - some lovely microbrews of all kinds: ales, stouts, ambers, the whole schlemiel. They even have a sampler of their best microbrews - 28 oz. total of seven different beers (you do the math)!

As we are wont to do, Cathy and I over-ordered. After a hearty helping of crab dip with crusty bread I got a delicious bison burger with bacon and Swiss ($11). Granted, the bison-ness wasn't remarkable - I've had better bison. This tasted like beef, but it was a tasty burger anyway. Cathy is trying to eat vegetarian and fish more often. I forget what she had - some kind of fish dish. I had a little taste and it was good. But I was too wrapped up in my burger to notice.

Well, the burger and the beer.

I got this delicious, almost chocolatey stout (about $4.50). My sister recommended it because her husband loves this stuff. Now I do too! It was only 4.5% alcohol. It also came in their sampler ($4.50 as well). Their beers were a mixed bag, but nothing bad in the bunch, and a few stand-outs. There were some excellent ones, particularly their stouts (the 4.5% and 10%; the former was better-tasting). Also good were their Avenue Ale, which was nice and spicy to me, with a lovely aroma, and their Honeygo Lite, which was, well, meady.

I am so ready for a beer tasting! That would be more my thing than some little old wine tasting.

The total cost was about $50. We left a $10 tip. Well, Cathy did. She was paying me back for some Indian food I paid for the other day. Although now that I think about it, she put in a little for that, too.

The question now is, can I afford to pay her back after all that I spent at IKEA? Oh well, she makes more than I do anyway :)

* Link comes with annoying, irritating, computer-slowing extraneous stuff.

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roopa said...

I was at Ikea and Red Brick Station on Friday night!

The bf also got the bison burger with bacon and cheddar, and I got the veggie burger (it came with mushrooms and cheese). He liked his burger, I thought mine was pretty good - not the best veggie burger in the world but I'm not in NYC anymore so I can't expect it! We also got the onion rings, which were good, but a bit greasy for my taste.

As for the beers, I got the IPA (7% ABV, what a lush I am) and the bf got the red. We also got the sampler and shared it. I did love the stout. Their imperial stout (10% ABV) was not very good - too much of an alcohol smell and taste to it and the body was a bit thin.

And I got a kitchen cart at Ikea so that I don't have to sit on the floor to frost my cupcakes anymore :(

Fairfax said...

I was at Ikea. I didn't see you there.

John said...

Fairfax: I was there really late, between 4:30 and 6:30 I think. But I was all over the place!

Y'all: This is scary - are we all somehow psychically syncing up now?

danielle said...

I am so with you on being ready for a beer tasting. I haven't been to Red Brick Station in a while, but I like it. I'm always a fan of beer samplers.

roopa said...

Our minds are melding.

(cue creepy music)

Jessica :) said...

Try the desserts they are pretty good next time!