Thursday, August 02, 2007

Other Food Weeks of Note...

Just a head's up! DC's Restaurant Week is next week! Sadly, I will be out of town (California, here I come again), so I cannot take part. I will be living vicariously through y'all, so please go down and take part. It costs the same as ours: $20.07 for lunch, $30.07 for dinner. And, from what I understand, Atlanta also has this going on the week after DC's (thanks to The Southern Social for the tip). So if you feel like driving 11 hours down the 95 (then following the signs to the ATL), go on down. Or better yet, fly. Or EVEN better, if you happen to live near there,* take part. I would love to hear about it. And their's is only $25 for dinner, not $30. But apparently, no lunch deals. Give and take.

And OMG: I just noticed this is my 400th post! Cool 8-)

* Hey, I get hits from the UK - occasionally. A reader from Georgia would not be a strange thing. Hey hon, welcome to the blog!

Food haiku:

All these Rest'rant Weeks!
Bawlmer, DC, ATL -
SO much FOOD to TRY!

Not my best, I know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout. I have linked to you now.

Can't wait to start trying the food up there this fall.

foodette said...

Have fun in the IE - hope you get a chance to try some new restaurants - let me know if you do!!

John said...

Atlanta Social: Quite welcome! I've linked back. It's very cool you get tyo try some food here :)

Foodette: Thanks,I hope to!