Friday, August 10, 2007

Festivals of Baltimore: Nigerian Festival

Just a reminder to get out this weekend and check out this year's Nigerian Festival, sponsored by the Nigerian Youth Association of Maryland. They've been holding the festival since 2001. I've only known about it these past two years, and I have been out of town both times!

So as I sit here, doing my own thing in sunny, sweltering Southern California, I am (this time) living vicariously through y'all. Go have some jollof rice and other great Nigerian food in Patterson Park this weekend. I hear it's free!


Fairfax said...

Maybe all of the nigerians who constatly send me e-mails will be there!

John said...

Ha! No, probably the local Nigerian-American community didn't want them around. I wouldn't! :)

danielle said...

I'm so impressed that while you're off in SoCal, you are

a) blogging so thoroughly on your culinary travels and
b) thinking of us and the festivals back here in Bawlmer.

I really doubt I'll blog my own trip so well.

John said...

Oh, this one I actually saved as a draft so's I could remind myself to publish when it came up. Did anyone go?

Actually, I'm leaving a lot of stuff out, including what I eat at "home" and most places I'm revisiting.