Sunday, July 01, 2007


I just had a nice brunch with a friend at Regi's in Federal Hill. I get to Federal Hill infrequently and I'd never been to this place. Very quaint and a good choice.

There was no room outside, and the main room was way too noisy to chat, so we got a table in the back room where it was quieter. I talk softly, so this was good. After my friend ordered a mojito (about $8) - and I followed, with my own mojito and a Diet Coke - we ordered some brunch. Regi's has a good selection, and I was told that every item was pretty good. We each eyed the kobe sliders (about $13) - thick little burgers made from kobe beef. But so that we could each try the other's food, he ordered the sliders, and I went for the steak with eggs (the trucker's special, also around $13).

We chatted while munching on complimentary blueberry and corn muffins (not blueberry-and-corn muffins; I meant blueberry muffins and corn muffins). Then we each got our own plates. Immediately we cut some of our food up for the other to sample. I loved the steak. Medium, just as I asked for it, and very tender, though it was a little gristly on each end. Would've loved some A1 with it, but it was fine by itself. The eggs were pretty good, too, and the side order of fried potato chunks were standard fare. The kobe slider was a tastier beef burger than I am used to - very tender beef, though not remarkably flavorful. But I've had
tastier buffalo burgers, and I have to say, I find buffalo better than beef in every case. This includes kobe beef - in a contest, as far as I am concerned, kobe hardly holds a candle to buffalo meat. It holds it much better than most beef, but buffalo is better.

Altogether the total came to $50. A nice price to start the day, which culminated in several hours of just ogling houses for sale all over Federal Hill. Oh my God, these are such gorgeous houses! And it may sound weird to just go look at for-sale houses just to look at them. Apparently, my friend - a former real estate agent - tells me that the practice is much more common in DC. We saw some beautiful views of the city from the decks of homes and model homes that easily cost $400, $500 - $900K! The best one, not far from the Visionary Art Museum, had the most fun plastic food! I must get my hands on this stuff.


Xani said...

I've had my ups and downs with Regi's but I do usually enjoy brunch there. I didn't realize they have kobe sliders, I must try them next time! I love miniature foods!

John said...

I love cute food, too :)

Summer said...

I agree with you on buffalo vs. beef, but my new favorite... thanks to Three... is ground lamb! Three's lamburger sliders are amazing. Sadly, only two on a plate for $8.

John said...

Oooh, where is Three? $8 is a bit much for tiny lamburgers but I'm willing to try 'em at some point.

Fairfax said...

I just heard about Three... i think it's the old Patterson Perk somewhere over thatta way.

Summer said...

It's in the old Parkside... corner of East Baltimore and Linwood Ave. Right now it's only open for dinner Tues-Sat. but as I live around the corner I'm hoping for more soon.