Friday, July 06, 2007

Exits 7A-B - MD-295 North (to Baltimore) and South (to Washington)

Is the Baltimore-Washington Parkway a culinary wasteland? Well, no. But I have found so many different freeways in this southwest corner of the Beltway that just interconnect to each other that I have finally found an exit that only leads to either:

  1. one of the other freeways or exits I have visited, or will soon be visiting; or
  2. nonstop chain restaurants and fast-food outlets
On my way down to Arundel Mills yesterday I tried to find an exit that led to somewhere new. Going south to Washington, all I found was the Nursery Road exit, whose restaurants I have pretty much reviewed the hell out of.

Okay, I set out for the next interconnecting freeway - I-195, which leads off on the right to Catonsville - a section of which includes UMBC and CCBC, neither of which are known for their delicious food, and Relay, which is pretty much just residential. It leads off on the left to BWI. Now I go to the airport often enough, but I'm not going to go through the hell of paying for parking just to talk about the lousy, overpriced food in the airport. Anyone who's eaten the food at BWI knows what I'm talking about.

To continue down 295 takes you to MD-100, which takes you to Ellicott City (eventually) or Glen Burnie, and more immediately, Arundel Mills.

So what about the other direction? Well, MD-295 isn't anything to write home about going to Baltimore either. You basically pass by the I-895 exit - another exit off 695 that I will be looking at, soon - before seeing the backsides of Lansdowne and Baltimore Highlands. You then drive past the Westport section of town and the exit for I-95 before driving right by Ravens Stadium and Camden Yards. And despite their recent resurgence, I'm not going to buy an Orioles ticket just for the overpriced food (it's not like they're worth watching these days, anyway). And true, there are other restaurants near the stadiums I could write about. But this whole project is about finding what's close to the Beltway. Arundel Mills, Westport and Camden Yards are not.

So I am writing off the Baltimore-Washington Parkway altogether. But there should definitely be something worth writing about off Exit 8, right?


Fairfax said...

surely there must be someplace off of 195, like that lamplight place on rolling road? or that ice cream place there...

went to dizzie izzies for dinner tonight. $33 for two with drinks and dessert. i will blog it later.

John said...

I admit, I could've navigated 195, but I've gone down that stretch many times. I confess I'm not familiar with the ice cream place. As for the other place - do you mean the Candle Light Inn at the intersection of Rolling and Frederick? If so, it's too far from Exit 7 for me to write about it here. It'd be closer to Exit 13, no?

Considering all the food you got, that sounds cheap. I liked the place when I went!

Jamaila said...

When you get to the Hollins Ferry Road exit (you're either close to or you've already been, I'm bad with geography), there's a great sub shop called John's (ha!) on B&A Blvd, just up the street from our house. There may be a few things closer, but John's is great.

John said...

Jamalia: I have been, it's a fave of my coworkers, actually. I'll probably mention it, but I'm holding myself to a rule to only visit places I haven't written about. I have definitely written about John's. But thanks for the tip!