Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baltimore - Washington Area Food Board

I got this message a few days ago (some fellow foodies did as well) about this Don Rockwell food forum. They're compiling a Baltimore and Annapolis board and asked for contributors. While I'm actually a little thinly-spread, I thought I'd mention it for people who are interested. One thing I have to object to - Baltimore and Annapolis are listed under the DC Suburbs. Hel-lo! We're not suburbs of DC! Silver Spring, Rockville, Fairfax, Arlington - these are suburbs of DC. Baltimore, Annapolis... um, these cities were around before DC ever existed. Sorry, I just get a wee bit touchy about that.


danielle said...

If they wanted to be really accurate, if they want to lump Baltimore and Annapolis in with DC, they'd have to do so under the "Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia, DC-MD-VA-WV Combined Statistical Area," but we are NOT a suburb! That's absurd. We're not in the Washington Metropolitan Area, we have our own Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

Furthermore, at the moment, the pop. of the District is smaller than that of Baltimore City.

John said...

Durn right. Ah well, we get the short end of the stick, again.

Fairfax said...

Large Elizabeth, the food critic from the sun has a good foodie blog, with lots of inside gossip, which is fun... can't remember the URL, but if you hunt around the sun site, you can find it.

John said...

I'll look for it. Thanks!

Don Rockwell said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the mention. I wanted to clear one thing up for everyone - we're absolutely not "relegating" Baltimore and Annapolis to being a suburb of Washington - that would be wrong and silly. At this point, it's a matter of having to put the forum SOMEWHERE, and my first thought was that there wasn't enough participation just yet for it to be on its own. The website originally started as a Washington-only forum, and pretty much took on a natural growth to include Baltimore and Annapolis. We need to go ahead and separate the Baltimore and Annapolis forum and give it its own life (and now that you've mentioned it, maybe sooner rather than later isn't a bad idea). I've been winging this whole thing since day one and haven't had a lot of time to plan things out intelligently, so please don't take everything being lumped into the DC section as some sort of slight - I promise you that's not the case.

Don Rockwell

John said...

DR: In the back of my mind, I kind of wondered if that was the case or not, and it was more of a practicality thing than any put down of Baltimore (or Annapolis for that matter). It's understood. It's just, for all its faults, we get defensive about our city is all!