Saturday, June 30, 2007

You can really make a meal out of the freebies at Whole Foods!

It amazes me just how stuffed you can get after visiting Whole Foods. The trick is to go when they have all their free stuff. Take the Inner Harbor location, where I went today. On the elevator ride down I saw that every Saturday they have cooking demos from 1 to 4. Yum! I kinda knew they had free samples around on Saturdays. I just wasn't sure when on Saturday.

Today they had a theme: strawberries. I found no less than five separate places with fresh strawberries to munch on in some way. By the entrance, near the organic flowers, they just had plain, whole strawberries. I am not usually a fan of strawberries by themselves - they are too tart for my tastes, so I have to eat them in something. These were juicy and delicious, though.

After picking up some sort of cracker/pretzel thing that wasn't very good, I rounded back past the meats and turned left towards the cheeses. Again, more strawberry stuff! This time, a sampler of strawberry slices and creme fraiche, with toothpicks to discourage use of fingers. Again, yummy. They also had pieces of chocolate, but you had to finger those. So I only tried one. More strawberry stuff was ahead, past the cheese cubes (yes I tried one), organic potato chips (just one) and the Israeli salad (yes, I tried that, too) - strawberry skyr with real strawberries in it.

Just about nullified today's workout when I got to the dessert section. Mini vanilla cupcakes on a toothpick! Little pound cake slices! Blobs of New York cheesecake covered in chocolate! This is better than sex. Okay, not. But it does give sex a run for its money.

I wandered outside, where they occasionally have the grill set up, and found another strawberry dish - the aforementioned fourth one: grilled pound cake with strawberries, chocolate sauce and cream. Grilled! Oh, yum.

Before buying a small salad - by now I wasn't hungry enough to get anything bigger - I tried another, much smaller salad with (again) strawberry slices, baby salad greens and toasted flax seeds. Also got a free sample of soap. I'll tell you how that tastes next time. Okay, not.