Friday, June 29, 2007

I hope this comes to Bawlmer!

Another interesting link from the Hungover Gourmet, Batali's rant and rave still fresh in his mind. It's the site Blogsoop, which collects blog reviews of restaurants and puts 'em into one centralized place! Very cool idea.


Doug Cress said...

Hi Snacker,

I've currently got DC in the works. Do you think there would be enough fodder in the B-more blogosphere to support the site?

Glad you found the site useful.

John said...

You're welcome!

I think there's enough to write about, but I'm biased. As for the amount of bloggers blogging about Baltimore: there may be enough of us for a section. Many of us do talk about local eateries, but a lot of Baltimore's food bloggery is geared toward cooking as opposed to eating out. Baltimore Restaurant Blog ( is a good summary of what blogs have reviewed lately. Even though some of us shudder at the thought of being unceremoniously lumped in with DC, if there isn't enough being said about the local places that may be a good way to include some of Baltimore's restaurants. I've also linked to a few foodie blogs that talk about Baltimore's offerings, though I doubt my list of blogs is exhaustive.