Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My dog has lost his little canine mind. He is the kind of dog who always wants what everyone else is having. It's not enough that my cat now thinks he is a dog, because he not ony begs for food like a dog but comes when I call his name! Now, whenever I give my cat some catnip, the dog is right there waiting for an herbal handout. Waaah, I want what the cat's having. Why can't I have what the cat's having? So I give the weird dog a pinch of catnip, and he leaves me alone.

Now I read on the internet that anise has the same effect on dogs that catnip has on cats. My next step? A stop by Giant on the way home to pick up some anise extract and a cloth squeeze toy.


Fairfax said...

gotta let me know how this works. my dog's already insane... he jumped out the first floor window during a storm!

Baltimore Snacker said...

I was forgetful and didn't bother with the anise. Tomorrow. I'll do this tomorrow.