Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dining Suggestions - from a POLITICAL Blog!?

I rarely inject politics into this blog - it's just not what I want to talk about on here. And I'm not doing it now, either. But I was scanning the Matthew Yglesias blog at the Atlantic Magazine website. The guy made a food recommendation of all things: Zenebech Injera in DC:

I wouldn't quite give it the unqualified endorsement ("This restaurant with two tables is now the best Ethiopian place in Washington") that Tyler does, but the Doro Wat is unquestionably the best I've had in town. I like the titanic tibs at Madjet more than the lamb tibs I had at Zenebech. The place is definitely worth checking out if you like Ethiopian food and don't mind a total lack of ambiance.

This information he got from Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide. I like Tyler's motto: All food is ethnic food. Cowen also recommends a nearby Thai restaurant.


charm city cupcake said...

Speaking of "ethnic" food, did you see that they're opening a new Thai restaurant called My Thai on the corner of Madison and N. Charles? It used to be Minato Sushi but they moved to the Belvedere Hotel a while back. It's supposed to be modern/trendy...but what about the food? I'll report back as soon as I eat there!

John said...

Another Thai restaurant? It's the new trendy cuisine! I agree: looks mean nothing if it tastes like crap.