Sunday, June 10, 2007

Baltimore Festivals: Festival-a-Go-Go! Part II - St. Anthony Festival

I was quite full by the time I headed from Greektown to Little Italy for the St. Anthony Festival. So my heart was breaking that I couldn’t take part in all that wondrous Italian food. Oh well, at least there’s another one at the other end of the summer.

With most of my Greek desserts in the car, I set out for a small thing to eat. I found it not far into the festival: Italian ice in several flavors for only $2.75. I got an intense chocolate one that was dribbling over the side of the Styrofoam cup.

I got very tempted by all the other food I saw on the street – the calamari, the smelts, the mussels ($5 for a bowl), the cannoli, the calzone. I am cursing myself that I ate all that extra food at the Greek Festival, good though it was. **Sigh** Should I trek back today for more?

I did buy a well-fitting, deep blue tee shirt with the ubiquitous Campione del Mondo slogan to celebrate Italy’s World Cup victory last year – nope, no real jerseys. I changed into it in the bathroom at St. Leo’s (like the Greek Festival, St. Anthony’s is tied very much to the local church). Re-vested, I enjoyed some classic American songs done up in English and Italian (aren’t they trying to ban that in Washington?), watching an elderly couple get down to ravenous applause.

I took one last, longing look at the seafood and drove up the JFX to the Rotunda, the only place I know of that would probably have parking for Honfest.

Dancing with the Stars: Little Italy!