Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Road Trips a-Comin' Up

I know it's only May 1st, but my thoughts are already on the other end of the month - summer! The school year is winding down and this is when my thoughts turn to, er, finding employment for the summer. But I also plan to do a little traveling around. Just not too far, unless by airplane, lest I go bankrupt from super-expensive gas. Still cheaper here than most places, but it's still expensive.

I'm particularly anticipating my next trip to New York, especially now that no Yankees fans can gloat about how great their team is this year.


But one place I have to check out when up there is their own Pret A Manger, the UK sammich place that has several locations in the Big Apple. Also have to make it a point to stop in Little Italy, which I have yet to do up there. Just keep me away from the KFC's with the big rats. To wit:


Later on this summer I must make it down to Richmond, near to which is Jamestown, the earliest English settlement in the Americas. Jamestown is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year, and I have never been. The closest I've been, in terms of colonial cities of archaeological significance, is St. Mary's City (haven't been in almost 10 years, maybe I should drive down sometime). This'll probably happen sometime around July.

One final place I hope to get to is OC, hon. I know, easy choice. But I'm embarrassed to admit that, for all the traveling I have done, I haven't done any of it to Ocean City in years. I guess years of California made me sick of the beach, even if I still pine for the desert. But I make a promise to myself - and a prediction, not a promise to y'all, dear readers - that I will make it "downy ayshin" at some point this summer, hon.


Fairfax said...

If you drive down to St. Mary's, you'll be shocked at how much the area has changed. I was there a couple of weeks ago (see pix on my site of day on the bay and vintage source) and it's unreal how different it is now. I went to St. M's for college, so the changes between now and then are dramatic.

Baltimore Snacker said...

And I've only been down southern Maryland twice, too. So many places and yet I haven't even bothered to go way down south to St. Mary's County. I wonder how it's changed.