Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Food Blogs of Note:

Baltimore Restaurant Blog, going on for a month or two, not only reviews restaurants but mentions reviews of other bloggers - myself included. Neat! My recent visit to Curtis Bay and Stoney Creek is mentioned there. The blog is maintained by the authors of "Where the Locals Eat," with a long list of restaurants that Bawlamorons tend to like. I hve to disagree with some of their choices, based on various reasons.

Also worth noting is the Baltimore Sun's Dining@Large column, led by Elizabeth Lodge. She seems to get out a lot lately because her most recent posts have nothing to do with food in Maryland.

And then there's Black Coffee and a Donut. Read about sisters Xani and Erin eating through Baltimore, specifically Federal Hill. Also check out their recent post about their foodie experiences throughout Virginia.


danielle said...

Thanks for the compliment on my harbor photos. There are many more on flickr: . I just picked out a few to post.

Baltimore Snacker said...

You're welcome, I will check them out!