Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mmmm. Rockfish.

I just ate two lightly breaded and deep-fried pieces of fresh rockfish. God damn, it's wonderful! The folks at NPR have figured this out too. To wit: this article.


Julie said...

Any good tips on where to buy fish? I haven't managed to find a place I really like which seems absurd, seeing as how we're in Baltimore and all.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Oh wow, I don't know about that one. A friend of the family caught it off a dock in Middle River (or somewhere, but he's from Middle River) and just gave it to us. I've heard good things about Lexington Market but there has to be other good places to get fish, too. What's that one place on President St, Mo's? And there are some good places to buy stuff down in Fell's, I'd check that out.