Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Unique Culinary Adventures

ANOTHER Bawlmer food blog that I have missed (this one I found linked from Julie's Kitchenography blog) is Jake Slagle's Unique Culinary Adventures! Up for a few years, there are all these great recipes (not all his, and he gives the sources) and restaurant reviews on this site! The most recent ones up there as of this post? The new Harbor East establishment the Lebanese Taverna which I must try out soon (I myself am familiar with the Carlisle Club, though it's a bit expensive so I have eaten there rarely), shrimp with a spicy gazpacho sauce (yum), Burmese lamb chops, and his own Oysters Argentine, featuring chorizo and rock salt, among other ingredients. This is another blog I'll be checking into to now and again.


a.g. said...

Thx for the link...that's a great blog. :)