Sunday, April 15, 2007

Food Network Awards!?

Why is the Food Network giving out awards? Don't we have enough awards shows already? I mean sure, the ice cream companies they are showcasing now look kind of cool, like LaLoo's goat milk ice cream (some of which I just bought at Whole Foods yesterday - at $6 a pint, that's not going to be a frequent purchase). But I just sat through an exchange between Nigella Lawson and Alton Brown that was positively grating! Paula Deen's would've been better had they not edited her lines so poorly.

It does have its train wreck qualities, though. But the critics will probably love it anyway.

One note about LaLoo's: goat milk ice cream is lactose-free, a problem I don't have. The taste of the vanilla snowflake flavor I got is not that different from cow's milk ice cream, I think, until you get to the aftertaste. I swear, it has a faint feta aftertaste. Not in a bad way either.


The TriniGourmet said...

i really wish i could have seen it :) we don't get the Food Network here as its own separate channel :(

Baltimore Snacker said...

I would say you weren't missing anything, but that's not for me to decide! Someone may have put bits and pieces of it on YouTube. Somebody always does.