Friday, February 09, 2007

Some more food blogs to check out!

Two blogs to note, one brand new, one older than mine.

Pigtown Pigout

Fairfax has a food-related blog up now! Check out the Pigtown Pigout, including yesterday's trip to Brasserie Tatin. Wish I had gotten out for Restaurant Week, but looks unlikely. I'm too tired to go out tonight, and though I did go out last night (after a graduate class), my friend and I didn't want to pay $30 for our meals (I'd spent too much recently anyway).

But next Bawlmer Restaurant Week, guess which brasserie I'll be trying out? Mmm-hmm.


As with Hungover Gourmet, I have no idea why I didn't know about this one. But Julie at Kitchenography, who posted her first blog entry a little over a year and a day ago (as of this writing), has a fabulous blog. There are lots of good dishes and good posts on other toopics. To wit: it looks like I'm not the only one in Bawlmer that's had just a little much of Rachael Ray - she's not a hater, but neither of us get why she is so big these days! (And like Julie, I also don't look down on La Ray at all for not being a professionally trained chef).

But what may make me a regular reader of Kitchenography? Well it's a good blog. It's also a well-written blog. Is it her What's in Your Basket? trip to Trinacria? Or is it this delicious banana cake? Could be both. Also look at that cranberry upside-down cake!


Fairfax said...

Thanks for another nice shout out, hon!

Julie said...

Hi, John -- thanks for the very nice mention. Glad to have discovered your blog too.

I completely missed restaurant week AGAIN (I'm really irritated with myself over this) but I think there's another one in late July so maybe I'll manage to finally make it to that one.

Baltmore Snacker said...

Fairfax, Julie,

Thanks and you're welcome! I am a doofus about these things so hopefully I'll make the July Restaurant Week too!

Kristin and Chris Ann said...

John, just wanted to introduce ourselves...we're new to the blog world, but not new to food or to Baltimore! If you have a sec, would you check out our site...we promise you won't be disappointed!
Kristin and Chris Ann