Monday, February 12, 2007

Senator I: Ploughboy Soups by Atwater

Well, I went to the Senator for what hopefully isn't one last time. I got there early to buy a ticket for the 4:00 show - but too early. The ticket they printed was for the 1:00 show! This I did not notice until later, but that's for my next post. Anyway, I ran some errands and came back - less than an hour until showtime! I wanted some popcorn so I went for a light lunch - to not fill up.

I meandered over to Belvedere Square in search of something light. Somehow I made a beeline to Atwater's, where I often go for a quick meal. Atwater's Ploughboy Soups serves sandwiches, soups and salads. As the cashier noted, if you're in a hurry, the soups are a much better choice. And with a large crowd I got my bowl of soup in about five minutes.

Out of several options, vegetarian, veg dairy and meaty, I got a tomato and saffron soup that had lots of great stuff peeking out from the creamy yellow broth. It had orzo. It had olives. It had shrimp and lump crab meat and eggplant. Wonderful stuff. With it, as is Atwater's custom, was some hearty bread, a stupendously crunchy crust with a soft, dunkable inside. Ooh, this is wonderful stuff! And a relatively cheap eat, considering this bowl was $6.85. I got nothing to drink with it, though their selection of bottled drinks was certainly wide enough.

I walked back on over to the Senator, camera in hand, ready to photograph the hell out of the place. After all, I might not get another chance.


Fairfax said...

My niece works there on weekends. Great place.

Baltmore Snacker said...

Isn't it, though?

Julie said...

Atwater's has great soups, and Belvedere Square has lots of good food.

Baltmore Snacker said...

The whole place is just fabulous. My favorites have been Atwater's cake. I know there's a separate bakery there, but I always went to Atwater's counter. I didn't see them there this past Sunday, but since they expanded, maybe they moved them? Before Sunday I hadn't been in a while.

verity said...

Greg's the Belvedere center!