Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New, "Streamlined" Labels

I think I am label-happy. I know, I know. Humans do indeed have a knack for naming things - it is one thing that every culture in the world is equally guilty of. And I have more of a knack for it than a human should. As a result, I have become, as I said earlier, extremely label-happy.

Well, the labels have become unwieldy. So I spent the last hour deleting half of them. Gone are names of restaurants, websites and various miscellaneous things that got used once and then were forgotten about. So if you look to the right of this post, and maybe scroll down, you will see a still long list of labels that you can use to search past posts. Want to find something about Irish cuisine? There's a label for it. Anything I've found funny? There, too. How about all posts related to eateries in Linthicum? Hey look! A link for that, too!

Hopefully this will be at least useful. It will for me. Oh, you can find this post under the label "non-food topics" if you are interested.