Sunday, December 24, 2006

Those Truffles Are Addictive!

Stopped at the Towson Trader Joe's yesterday and bought a few things after I did some proxy Christmas shopping on my mother's behalf. Not for her, mind you, but for her - meaning purchasing presents that she wanted to give to others (and she owes me $81). I truly lucked out, as I found a spot directly in front of the Barnes & Noble! So after stopping in B&N I went into TJ's and went impulse shopping. I picked up some Vegetable Tempura in the free sample section's freezer case and a box of prettily-wrapped chocolates. Next, I picked up a box of decadent-looking dark gingerbread (not that they sell light gingerbread loaf, but what the hey). Finally, it was to the truffles (the same I sent to Oklahoma and Michoacán recently). I bought two boxes.

Then I proceded to the checkout. The checkout guy helped me with checking on the prices of things. Most actually had no visible prices (that's actually not the case at TJ's; I just picked up only unclearly marked stuff). The truffles I knew were $3 - that's posted in very large chalk numbers (Those crewmates and their chalkboards!). The gingerbread was a mere $2 - okay, that goes into the bag. The tempura was around $4 - okay, that goes in, too. The chocolates were $8 - okay, you can put that one back. Total price: around $12. Not bad for holiday goodies.