Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shucker's of Fells Point

Just a quick Chrismahanukwanzaa post. My first of various holiday parties was tonight. My co-workers and I met at Shucker's, a bar by the Harbor, in beautiful Fells Point. Now, I generally like my coworkers so the experience was fun, though I was the first to leave. I noticed a buffet that, at $26 a person (pre-paid - I think they overcharged us), was kinda skimpy. There were wonderful mini-crab cakes - YUM! - and buffalo wings - um, yum - and spanikopita - YUM!. Plus, there were three types of salads - yum - and ham and cheese wraps - um? Another private party on the other side of the bar had a bigger spread - in fact, the same spread we had last year.

And Guinness is $5.50 a pint! More than I've found anywhere outside of the Maryland Irish Festival.

But Shucker's is still prime real estate, well-located and with beautifully-decorated boats around the place. And as I walked in a brass band in Dickensian clothing was playing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Lovely place for a party, but they could've given us a more varied selection of food.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your story/recount, it was my first of what will be many to read now that I found your site. I did, however, fell I had to write re: the Shuckers blog. I work in the restaurant business so I felt it was only fair to shuckers to comment on the assortment of food you seemed to perceived as lacking. I know from experience that the restaurant doesn't pick the food that they serve, the guests or party planners do. And, by choosing each option the party planner/guests also pick the price. I just thought it was worth mentioning. And PS about the beer...if you think $5.50 for a guiness is steep don't ever go to Slainte or Max's (both are also in fells point). Max's charges $5 for a Yuengling. Helllooo, it is made in pa & is not an import from china so don't charge me like it is!
Again, looking forward to more exciting stories!

Baltmore Snacker said...

Thanks, hope you enjoy it! But I must say as far as Shucker goes, that it just puzzles me that we paid the same amount for so much more the previous year. I dunno, maybe fewer people came. Thanks for the tip on Slainte. I'd rather have $2 happy hour Guinness drafts :)