Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Being sick sucks... (WARNING: disgusting things mentioned below)

Yep, got it, the intestinal bug that's going around. Probably won't go to work tomorrow and definitely not eating out any time in the next few days. Plus, I feel ill just looking at the post below. If you, too, are a victim, remember to keep hydrated - lotsa water, broths, soups, jellos, and such. And get as much bed rest as you can.

I am currently enjoying (as much as one can enjoy anything with achy everything and diarrhea AND nausea that come, well, ad nauseam) Italian wedding soup with buttered "burnt toast." The last part sounds just plain awful, but since I was a wee lad, my mother always toasted a slice of white bread over the burner, buttered it while it was still hot, and voila! Perfect condiment for soup. Question, y'all: has anybody ever experienced this? Anyone at all? As far as regional, state and ethnic cuisines, I have never heard of this outside of my own family. Anything at all?


danielle said...

Hope you feel better. Why is it that whenever there is a holiday or scheduled vacation one gets sick!

Never heard of the toast thing. Didn't know you could toast bread on a burner, that would be gas, right? not electric?

Baltmore Snacker said...

Oh definitely not electric! You have to hol it over a flame. One could never do that over a coil, which is why I will never use an electric oven.