Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ah, to be stuck in an airport for two hours...

It seems I always get to the airport too early - I mean too early, but exactly when the experts recommend. So I won't be too worried about getting there two whole hours early the next time I fly domestic. But since I'm flying international tomorrow, I'm taking no chances. I am getting there three hours ahead. I can just see it now: I don't err on the side of caution, and get there two hours early instead of three, and somehow there'll be some jackass in front of me in security who has to keep the line up for 75 minutes, making me just miss boarding my plane. Far-fetched, but I know my luck when it comes to the small things. I'm getting there early.

My friend across the pond tells me that British Airways serves food on this eight hour flight just after takeoff, and again just before touchdown. And two free alcoholic beverages, too! You have to pay $5 for any on the US airlines. Things may be more expensive in the UK, but the extras are nice. Me likey the British airlines!

Whether the food is good or not is another story. I'll have to post about that once I touch down. In fact, once I even get to BWI I think wireless access will be gone until I get to London. Does anyone know if BWI has any kind of internet access? It says nothing on their website, though another site about airports with wifi access lists BWI as being live.