Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trader Joe's

I really have tried to stay away from commenting on anything I have made (I am quite the cook - and no, that's not just my own personal assessment). I also have avoided commenting on stuff bought in a supermarket. Well, maybe that last one can give way, as I tried what I thought was a pretty good frozen dinner from Trader Joe's. TJ's has some pretty good variety in their products - I have eaten many a product with the Trader Joe's label, and they are generally of high quality. They are also relatively unexpensive compared to, say, anything with the Whole Foods brand (delicious, healthy, but crazy expensive).

I had the Trader Joe's brand shepherd's pie. Unlike most shepherd's pies I have eaten, which have usually soppy ground beef inside it, this one had nice chunky strips of beef in it. As a shepherd's pie normally does, it also had peas, corn, carrots and green beans throughout, all covered in a thick layer of mashed potatoes. It was pretty good, and at 400 calories for the entire dish (190 calories per serving, 2 servings per package - who's just going to eat half a TV dinner?). Granted, I prefer their Asian food bowls, but this I would eat again.