Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tal Bagels

The last time I came to New York, I decided to wander aimlessly throughout Chinatown until I found a good place to eat. In the end, I found a wonderful Chinese restaurant with a line almost out the door (due both to its populatiry and its small, small size) and had a delicious and big meal for only $8 after tip. So I figured it would work again.

Well, it kinda did.

I wandered for a few blocks looking for some breakfast (the hostel, which still had no bedbugs that I could find, also had no breakfast that I could find). I wandered past two Starbucks (evil) and a McDonald's (even more evil) before stumbling upon a real New York bagel place. Tal Bagels sells more than just bagels - it sells bialys (very difficult to find in Baltimore, at least I could never find any), assorted cream cheeses, deli offerings (cole slaw, potato salad, etc), and a large array of cookies, pastries and drinks. I went for a simple onion bagel with lox (smoked salmon) and plain cream cheese, plus a can of Diet Pepsi. I'm glad I didn't ask for fancy cream cheese (tofu? walnut and cinnamon? olive?) because this alone cost me over $8 - more than that whole Chinese meal I had the last time!!! And the bagel? Nothing special. I've had much better at Sam's Bagels back home (including a much better onion bagel, which actally tastes like onion after it's toasted, instead of tiny pieces of charcoal like this one).

I have to hand it to the staff, however. They were quite courteous and patient with this non-New Yawkah. Maybe you're paying for the service?


verity said...

Best Bagels in Baltimore...Greg's Bagels at the Belvedere Sq. shopping center. Second best to NYC finds!

Baltmore Snacker said...

And probably better than the bagel I ate!

verity said...

Post when you give Greg's a shot! Interested in your thoughts!