Monday, November 06, 2006

Little Havana

Several of my co-workers met in Federal Hill tonight - the very night that prospective gubernatorial candidate Martin O'Malley was attending a rally in his honor, the night before general election day. We met, however, for beer - or wine, or liquor, or whatever - at a favorite cantina, the Little Havana. LH is more than a bar - it's many TVs make it easy to catch football, baseball or soccer at various times of the evening. There is also a great menu. I know, bar food tends to be blaaaah, but Little Havana's is pretty good. Their Cuban sandwich is definitely recommended.

I went on another coworker's recommendation, however, and ordered the blackened crabcake sandwich. I love crab - otherwise, I should return my Maryland citizenship - but it's usually too expensive for me to order out. Lucky for me, Monday night is half price night, for both food and drinks (drinks during happy hour only, I don't remember if that applied to the food too). I ended up paying $7.30 for my sandwich with beans, rice and plantain chips. I think they overcharged me by a dollar - this price is for fries instead of beans and rice, and I heard someone else get charged $6.30, but by that time it was far too late for me to bother pressing it. But the crab was some of the tastiest I've eaten in a while: a Maryland-style crabcake (meaning the breading is mixed into the crab, not coated around it like on other parts of the Eastern seaboard). with Cajun blackened seasoning on top. The sandwich came with tomato, provolone (?) and pancetta bacon. The crab was sooo good. This is what eating a crabcake in this state is normally like!

Even better, I got my fill of $2 draft Guinness until 7 pm!


Fairfax said...

I saw Tim Whitsted who owns LH this weekend and told him about your blog. I am going to e-mail him a link to it.