Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Little Grove Restaurant

Today lunch brought me to the carryout section of the Olive Grove Restaurant in Linthicum - just a wee bit aways from Szechuan Hot Wok (from where I just got a very average Hawaiian Chicken not too long ago; from now on I'll just stick to the crispy-coated stuff). Little Grove is a fave with some of my coworkers and friends. Conveniently located near BWI, it serves some decent comfort food, sometimes with a Mediterranean twist (their spanakopita wins raves). I hadn't been for a while, so I went there today.

The lunch rush features a very long line for food, so I went closer to 1:00, thinking I'd avoid the crowd.

Nope, didn't avoid it. In fact, it was about as long as I've ever seen it.

The Little Grove section of the place, their "carryout" section, has a salad bar and a (smaller) hot bar, featuring everything from ribs to Cajun catfish to shish kabobs, with none-too-fancy vegetables as side dishes. But I usually order sandwiches. Typically I go for the corned beef on rye, with mustard and Swiss, but not lately - they've seemed drier and drier. However, their Carolina sub is a nice alternative: turkey, ham and bacon smothered in melted Swiss, with the typical lettuce and tomato, all on a sub roll. I'm not sure if this exactly evokes the spirit of the Carolinas - but maybe it's named after some person named Carolina. Beats me.

I headed back to work with the bag, which was bigger than I thought it should be - but I put it out of my mind. I got back to work and tore into the 6" cold sandwich (it's supposed to be that way). Not bad - not "orgasmic," but not bad. The tomato and bacon kept squeezing out of the sub roll, but I've had far bigger problems with sandwiches than this. At $6.35, it was a good sandwich.

Or should I saw two sandwiches. Turns out they gave me two! The first thing that popped in my mind was "I don't feel like going back to return it - and they'll probably throw it out anyway." Then the second thing I thought was "Okay, I could go pay for it after work." Never got to do that, but I still owe them a sandwich. I'll remember that - I am big on karma.