Monday, October 30, 2006

Philadelphia Style Pizza & Subs

Decided against Chinese for lunch the other day, and passed up Szechuan Hot Wok for the Philly Style Pizza & Subs, in the same mini strip mall. This is your standard pizza and sub shop, with filling (though, again, standard) subs and sandwiches. I ordered a corned beef reuben (their California reuben was turkey instead of pastrami or corned beef - thanks but no thanks). When I took it back to work I found a big open-faced sandwich - difficult to put together, mind you. The reuben was slathered in sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and salad dressing (I think it was Thousand Island). Much as I like the nearby Little Grove Carryout, this one had much better corned beef to give - not nearly as dry. But, of course, I never order much on my corned beef sandwich when I go to Olive Grove. Also came with fries covered in some kind of semi-crispy coating. This was pretty good. Think I will go back sometime soon.