Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Iggie's for the Election

Instead of fixing up my election day menu that I suggested over the past few posts - and if anybody tries them out please let me know - I went along with some friends to Iggie's. Alan & Eric were quite surprised that I hadn't been there before, so Eric thought it'd be a good opportunity to collect some blog fodder (my words, not his).

Iggie's Pizza was jam packed tonight with eager Obama supporters, many collecting to catch a look at early returns (Gripe: How in the world can six different networks declare a state has been won by so-and-so with only 1% of its precincts reporting? I'm just sayin'). Apparently, this crowd was not a normal thing. Neither was the long wait for food normal. We were lucky to find a table for ourselves, near the television. Alan ordered two favorite Neapolitan-style pizzas and a cheesy sort of salad. Since it's a BYOB place, Eric brought along a bottle of red wine he found at the Wine Source.

The Caesar salad ($6) was about as good as anyone could hope for, though nothing remarkable. The pizzas were tasty. We shared among the three of us two different 14" pizzas (average price: $15), both thin crust, piping hot. The first one I tried was their verdura fresca pizza, covered in onion, red bell pepper and spinach, accompanied by a balsamic vinegar reduction. I particularly liked this one, simply for the flavorful vegetables atop the pizza. The second pizza I tried was the salsiccia (sausage), a cheesy and wonderful sausage pizza with two types of cheese and fennel (this I didn't recognize even in retrospect but oh well). Either pizza I would order again in a heartbeat.

A final note: Iggie's was probably so crowded Tuesday night due to election watchers crowding into the restaurant. There was one guy wearing a big, fuzzy (read: plush) Uncle Sam top hat with Democratic campaign buttons pinned all around the base. We theorized that a McCain win this evening would have sent him to the roof, and then off it. Anyway, he just wandered around from spot to spot, eyes glued to the TV. If it is crowded when you get there, don't order first and then look for a seat. Do the opposite: look for a seat and then order. Otherwise you'll be standing with your pizza all night.

Oh, and I may be crazy but I think I saw a member of Chef Duff's motley crew from Ace of Cakes ordering something. I didn't bother this person, and neither did anyone else. I'm sure he or she was happy to just get his or her order and go. I love Ace of Cakes. Just had to shout out.

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theminx said...

I want to know why NBC and CBS had completely different electoral vote counts at the same time. At one point, NBC had McCain with 90, but CBS had him at 125. And Obama's count was always off by 1 (at least until I went to bed at 10).

Anonymous said...

hey john - that was me at iggie's - i couldn't believe how packed it was! hooray for america! xoxo - mary alice

John said...

Mary Alice - Indeed, hooray for Obama and for America! It was awesome - and y'all are at Charm City Cakes too :) Thanks!

Minx - I went to bed long after Obama's speech, but only as Prop 8 in Cali was tightening up. It looks like it's going to pass but happily married GLBT couples ain't givin' up the good fight. We've got marriage rights to protect!!!