Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Artscape - in haiku

OMFG, I cannot get over Artscape! I have never, ever been in my life. But it was an amazing experience. All this visual, musical and other art just in your face! I was left speechless; I truly cannot explain it.

But that's okay because, apparently, many of you went, so I don't have to explain it :)

No I take that back. Many readers who aren't even in the Baltimore area, and some who are, just could not get there. And there is so much to talk about, I have no clue where to begin. I am also processing photos - now up on Flickr. I'm not even bothering to add captions there are so many. And I know some artists may have problems with their own creations winding up on the internet. So I won't put many things up that were actually being sold, or stuff that you would find in a gallery - yes, MICA's galleries were open. Where I do, I cite the artist in question, to give them due credit.

Since I don't know what to talk about exactly, I should start with the food, because that is obviously what the whole modus operandi of this blogging venture is. And then I'll get to the non-food stuff. But in the creative spirit of Artscape, I am writing the rest of this post in haiku.


Parking was a bitch.
Found a free space on St. Paul
Just 12 blocks away!

And oh my, the stuff!
that stuff for the buying.
Sweet, oft pricey stuff.

Had butter pecan
From City Beach Ice Cream booth
Four bucks - tasty, smooth :)

What a massive thing!
God, it sprawled all o'er the place.

Two festivalgoers eye the beautiful glasswork of Lisa Aronzon, with Good Elephant Pottery in the background.

Gorgeous glass vases,
Photos colored, black and white,
And sculptures for sale.

Not to mention clothes,
Books, candles and wax bowls, AND,
Stuff made from hemp (duh).

Arts indoors and out
MICA's galleries opened
Can't bring in water :(

Screenshot from "Lemons Making Their Own Lemon Meringue Pie," Copyright 2006 by Lisa Moren. Work in progress.

One movie was neat:
"Lemons Making Their Own...Pie" -
Lemon Meringue! Mmmmm...

Part of the setup for the Stadium School Youth Dreamers Project. The title states: "The artwork displayed in this tent was created by Baltimore youth and MICA MA in Community Arts students in community based arts programs throughout the 14th City Council District."

Community art -
Kids from all over Bawlmer
Work with grad students.

Now, for lunch I had
Many vendors to choose from.
Not all are that good.

Number of festivals at which I have seen Constantine's so far this year: four. Ostrowski's Polish Sausage is second with three. Not counting festivals I haven't been to.

Jamaican, pizza
Crabcakes, Thai, and BBQ,
Constantine's again!?

Mmmm. Mojito.

And all that liquor!
Beer, wine, mojitos, more beer -
All in pub -
>>hic<< - lic.

Ate great fried fish from
Exotic Tropic Cat'rers.
Bony, but tasty.

I don't know who this was. All I saw was a woman - the painter - talking into some guy's camcorder. I only saw the end result. Must've been neat to see her paint the big guy in 5 minutes.

Public performers,
Painting, acting on the spot.
Murals in just 5!

And then there was pie:
Dangerously Delicious
Pecan, Cherry, Chess...

I was torn between - among - the pecan, the sweet potato and the chocolate chess. I don't get into fruit pies that much, but my friend Alan got this cherry pie slice. Almost asked for a bite, but figured I'd just get my own damn slice,

I got chocolate chess.
Tasty filling; thin, hard crust.
Liked the filling best.

The dog plays, too, but I left his kazoo at home.

Musicians abound.
Stage and street corner alike.
Some hoping for change.

This is on the Art Car. This kind of Hellraiser-ish scene is on the hood. I'd be worried about some person breaking stuff off.

And those crazy cars.
Now, can they drive them safely?
Sure do look neat, though.

It seemed as if most of the clientele was gay on Sunday night. Who better to notice?

And with that we left.
Dinner at Mt. Vernon's own
, on Charles St.

Got 7 oz steak
Fries and throw-away veggies
For just 13 bucks!

So my feet did ache.
Sunburned, I dropped my friends off
And Artscape was done.

But one more photo:
This is Live Baltimore's Booth:
Fairfax, is that you?


Pigtown*Design said...


i got the dangerous pies for a dinner party that night. .5 of pecan, .25 of lemon chess and .25 of the chocolate, which i understand was a bit too much choccy.

Where are all of the peeps?

Did you see the thing on 2b of the sun today about my window art at LB? hilarious.

John said...

I will get a hold of the paper and look that up.

The peeps? Um, I ate them. You meant the marshmallow ones, right? Yep, at em all :)

Goodness, and I was milling about in the Sci Fi Book booth for a minute at that! Yep, I am indeed a spazz.

Chef Z said...

Next year, ditch the car
The lightrail is your best bet.
Parking's always hell.

Did you get to see
The Shorts in a Tent film fest?
AC and great films!

Well, I had to plug
Maryland Film Festival
They are my peoples.

And I have to say
your blog's a new fave of mine.
Love, A Lurker Fan

Cham said...

About the parking
why not ride bicycle
work off calories

TW said...

Ah! Artscape! I compare every 4th of July I attend to the ones I grew up with on the D.C. Capitol lawn. Every art festival has to measure up to Artscape. Did they still have the poetry tables? I got Adrienne Rich poetry, autographed even, there long before she was a standard part of everyone's curriculum. Weird little poetry booklets, by folks who are now noted. The exhibits in the Decker and Meyerhoff galleries with Artscape always bemused me. I love your pictures thanks.

John said...

Y'all: thanks for writing!
Don't recall poetry booths
Probably missed 'em.

Should have done Light Rail.
Though parking so far away
Got in exercise!

Did not SEE the Shorts -
Heard them, but ran to meet friends.
Loved the Hairspray prop.

Hey, I had a strange
Feeling people would start com-
menting in haiku.

Chef Z said...

Haikus are "teh W1N"
when it comes to fun blogging,
I've sure done my share.

I tend to use them
For Anti-Valentine's Day.
It's a tradition.

I'm not so bitter,
But it's fun to write things like:
"She left Joe... for Jane."

John said...

Hee hee, Valentine's Day sucks :D

Anonymous said...

We were out of town for my husband's brother and sister-in-law's anniversary party. One of those family things I could not duck out of but jeez! On Artscape weekend of all weekends. Could the timing have been any worse?

And this was the best weather we've had for Artscape in the six years that I've been going.

I'm glad to do some vicarious living through your pictures and haiku.

John said...

Just one last haiku:
Thanks for noticing them. It's

Anonymous said...

Sublime Barbeque
Wood smoke seasonings and sauce
A profound repast